Technology Contract Staffing

With the ever-vacillating technology landscape, it can be rather challenging to acquire and maintain the right skill sets in-house and may not be the most cost-effective solution. The most effective solution is to create a strategy that leverages hybrid team models, incorporating in-house team members along with contracted team members with proven skill sets and experience. Regardless of whether you need a highly specialized consultant, an extra developer or two, or a full development team, long-term or short-term, we boast a nationwide, unparalleled network of accomplished technologists to allow your organization access to the most capable talent pool. Our years of experience dealing with complicated IT issues across myriad industries speak volumes for our track record of measurable results for our clients’ businesses.


Think of our contract to hire strategy a meaningful working interview. You need to hire good people with the right skill sets, as opposed to contract. However, you are left wondering whether a candidate will be the right fit for your organization. 800IT offers a flexible IT staffing option to our clients, giving them an opportunity to work with a consultant for a predefined period of time and then directly hire our IT consultants who are the right fit for your organization. This option allows both the technology consultant and the client the ability to determine if the position is the right fit. Consultants and companies that prefer contract-to-hire recruiting are looking to make sure that the organization, skillsets, and the position are the right fit. With our recruiting team taking care of the selection process, we help your organization save up on resources and time.

Permanent Placement

Sometimes, you want a permanent fix and not just a short-term solution. We collaborate hand-in-hand with you to offer you the most fast-acting and effective IT personnel to meet your long-term staffing needs. Our permanent placement solutions allow you to tap into our nationwide pool of fully-screened, experienced, and qualified candidates with the right combination of industry, technical, and business experience to meet your needs. Our staffing solutions draw on a program-based, consultative approach, tailoring our processes and tools to cater to your organizational objectives, culture, and needs. All our candidates are industriously vetted from technical, professional, and personal perspectives to make sure that you receive the crème-de-la-crème of the industry, who can add to your ongoing success from the start and complement your existing workforce.  

Customized Staffing Programs

In order to give a boost to your company’s bottom line, service, and performance, we strive hard to customize staffing solutions for our clients. We develop dynamic and flexible plans by working in collaboration with you, to accommodate all your employment and staffing needs. Whether you need help with employee evaluation and testing, pre-employment screening and recruiting, have open vacancies, or a complex job site requiring on-site staffing management, we can help.