Managed Testing Services

A great user experience is dependent on quality. Subjecting a software to stringent testing to ensure and assure its confirmation to specifications and quality, is highly vital to its survival. Most organizations strive hard to establish an agile and cost-efficient testing function that can deliver high quality. 800IT’s Managed testing services promise a transformational approach enveloping the environment, processes, and the appropriate test organization, specific to the business.

Non-Functional Testing Services

In a multi-tier and cross-channel environment, organizations are constantly struggling with the challenge of coming up to the expectation of the customers in terms of usability, security, and performance in the live systems.  Products and applications need to be scalable to satiate customer expectations. However, issues such as data theft, low response time, and slow speed makes it a tough nut to interact and navigate with applications.

Services & Solutions Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is a prominent software testing type, which is a pivotal element for strengthening a software system. During the initial stages of software development, it is implemented to guarantee the stability of the end result and maintain the quality and functionality of the system. This aspect of testing pertains to the functionality of the application and how it relates to the users. It covers other aspects apart from testing system functionalities, such as accessibility, basic usability, etc.

SAP Testing Services

Organizations are forever adopting modern technologies at a rapid pace, entailing quality assurance teams to come up with new strategies that permit unified customer experiences and faster go-to-market. Our end-to-end testing services for SAP projects focused on ensuring that your SAP system’s configuration aligns with the business requirements defined in the initial stages.

Mobile Testing Services

The mobile application market is unique due to the wide array of mobile devices proliferate across the market, fluctuating landscape, and highly competitive arena, as well as regularly updated Android, iOS, and windows operating systems. This means that high-functioning and high-quality mobile applications have become a necessity; not just a luxury.

QA Testing Services

Rapid advancement in technology, as well as the proliferation of mobile and social technologies, has enhanced the need for Quality Assurance (QA) and testing processes. Application or software development is incomplete without Quality Assurance Testing. 800IT offers leading Quality Assurance Testing solutions and services capitalizing on advanced testing products, for a wide array of hardware and software, adhering to the highest level of testing standards. Our extensive expertise and experience in non-functional and functional testing services address the test life cycle, all the way from test execution, design, and planning, to test management.

Automation Testing Services

Maximize ROI, enhance end-product quality, and accelerate release velocity. Release software updates faster or launch new applications efficiently with our end-to-end automation testing services spanning across a wide array of technologies, platforms, browsers, and devices. Our Automated Regression Testing is much more efficient than manual testing procedures that most organizations have been used to.

BI Testing Services

Today’s dynamic Business environment demands advanced business intelligence and analytical solutions to make quick and effective decisions. A continuous and comprehensive framework is required to test and validate these high-volume and high-complexity Data Warehouse (DW) or Business Intelligence (BI) systems.