Advanced Workflow

Streamline processes that form the lifeblood of your organization. Nintex’s easy-to-use and potent workflow automation capabilities help you hone the sophisticated business processes across your business. 800IT is a Nintex partner, recognized as an expert in the industry, using the software to deliver impactful improvements to clients seeking modernized systems. 800IT offers a complete suite of workflow solutions using the most cutting-edge workflow platform. We help you automate your business processes, promote collaboration within your external stakeholders, team members, your staff, enhance compliance and boost productivity, be it implementing simple leave approval requests, to more intricate integration across data sources, cloud services, or external applications.

Services & Solutions Document Generation

Leverage the prowess of Nintex DocGen to generate accurate and precise documents for key business functions such as work orders, contracts, or sales proposals. Output data to a wide array of endpoints, pull data from varied sources, all the while you breathe easy knowing that your document data is compliant and secure throughout the process. From creation to archiving to dispatch, each document’s path is tailored to ensure that the right documents reach the right individuals at the right time. Transform business documents into data-driven and automated processes and revolutionize how your workplace spends its working hours.

Mobile Apps

Nintex mobile helps keep your processes moving, by enabling you to capitalize on mobile apps to approve and review documents, fill out and submit forms, send and receive task notifications, on any device or from anywhere. Regardless of where you are, you can mobilize your workforce and keep business processes moving smoothly. With just your mobile device, you can access your work regardless of where you are, and ensure that you deliver on time and securely, be it collecting customer signatures, responding to requests, or submitting a form to kick off a workflow. All the work that you do offline will be archived and routed automatically as soon as you go online.

Process Mapping

Manage, map, and understand your enterprise-wide processes, enhance accountability and visibility, and drive company-wide collaboration all under a single, easy to use platform. Update and inspect your processes with simple to use process ownership and navigation tools. Personalize your dashboard with approve processes, edits, and filters with a single click. No need for any formal training. Potent and simple collaboration tools allow for real-time feedback and makes it hassle-free to notify your team of changes. Stakeholder email notifications, RACI table updates, and automated change logs encourage team engagement and boost process auditability.

Process Intelligence

Nintex Hawkeye™ Process Intelligence lets you turn data into actionable insight. You can capitalize on this integrated analytics tool to optimize your business processes, discover data-driven trends. And monitor your workflow’s performance.

Machine Intelligence

Discover the era of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) an emerging set of technologies to advance your business by combining process automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine learning (ML). IPA choreographs connections among systems and people, automates structured tasks, and generates intelligence from process execution. What does this mean to you? An automated, futuristic toolkit that tackles business operations with unheard of levels of transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness previously impossible.

Nintex Training

Nintex is the leading third-party process automation solution that lets you deliver workflow-enabled business solutions in a pocket-friendly solution, on your SharePoint platform and beyond. In response to the growing demand from new and existing customers, 800IT, a Nintex partner, has developed a Nintex training program that can be delivered live at your location, or even online.